# Lando Developer

# Job Description

We’re looking for a Lando Developer or Otherwise Awesome person to join our team as a full-time employee.

Your primary job responsibility will be to assist in the maintenance and development of Lando 3 and its various hosting integration. You will also have an opportunity to help with the development of Lando 4 and become a maintainer of one or more of its core components.

You’ll work closely with the core Lando team and will help us bring Lando into its glorious future.

In order to succeed this individual should…

  • Give a shit and take pride in their (and by extension) the organization's work.
  • Be self-motivated and passionate about learning.
  • Be pleasant to work with.
  • Be creative and allergic to dogma.
  • Be able to see the “big picture" value of your work.
  • Be burdened with Glorious Purpose.

# Essential Skills Requirements

You’ll need…

Lando Experience. Have you been using Lando for more than 2 years? What's your past experience with Lando? Do you understand on a high level how Lando works?

NodeJS Skillz. Professional experience with NodeJS or equivalent Javascript thingy is required.

Docker Knowledge. You have working knowledge of Lando’s underlying container technology. You should be able to explain how Lando uses the various parts of the Docker ecosystem.

Communication. Ability to communicate with clients, designers, developers, and speak up when you see an issue.

# Nice-to-haves

You don’t need to have any of the below skills, but it would be a lot cooler if you did 😉

  • Professional experience with PHP frameworks like Drupal, WordPress, Laravel or Symfony
  • Professional experience using Pantheon, Acquia, Platform.sh, Contegix, Blackmesh, Amazee, Lagoon, AWS or GCP.
  • Advanced Docker or Kubernetes experience.
  • Professional experience with Vue.js.
  • Experience as a maintainer of open source software

# Location Requirements

Lando is a mostly remote team however to apply you must be available for meetings 8AM-5PM PT. Much of our team is ET and we have a mandatory daily standup at 8AM PT. Please do not apply if you do not fit these criteria.

Also note that we may open an engineering office in Washington, DC when it is COVID-safe to do so. If we do and you are local to the DC area then we will likely want you to come into the office a reasonable amount of times per week.

If you are not in the DC area, that's ok! Still apply!